On this site there is an overview on the external events in the project.

Events 2016

February Sweden
Web based informations seminar with extension officeres.
Danish Cattle Federation Congress 2016, 29 February – 1 March, Herning
March  France
Technical day in Trevarez. 3 March
April France
Conference for “Grand Angle Lait”. Tropic: “Les systèmes de traite robotisés : recommandations pour maîtriser les coûts de production”. 12 April
June France
Conference for Tech and Bio. 1 June
Open doors in Derval. 16 and 17 June
the Netherlands

Conference on Precision Dairy Farming. Leeuwarden. 21-23 June
International Conference of Agricultural Engineering. CIGR-AgEng 2016. Aarhus 26-29 June
July England
12th European IFSA Symposium (International Farming Systems Association). 12-15 July. Newport Shropshire
September Norway
EGF 2016. Trondheim 4-8 September
Space show
December France
Rencontre Recherche Ruminants


Events 2015

February Sweden
Web based informations seminar with extension officeres. 4 February
Danish Cattle Federation Congress 2015, 23-24 February, Herning
April Belgium
30e anniversaire d’Agra-Ost. La gestion des prairies. 30. april
June Denmark
Åbent hus i en af de danske besætninger, som leverer data til projektet AUTOGRASSMILK. Tema: teknologi til styring af afgræsningen. 3. juni (Open day at a Danish Monitor Farm)

Web based informations seminar with extension officeres. 11 June
the Netherlands
4th Meeting of the EGF Working Group “Grazing”. 14 June, Wageningen. Theme: Grazing and automation
European Grassland Federation, 18th Symposium. 15-18 June, Wageningen. Theme: Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems.
July Belgium
Foire de Libramont: 24-27. july
August Poland
EAAP Annual Meeting , Warsaw, Poland. Theme Session on “All aspects of automatic milking including combination with grazing“. 2 of September.
September Denmark
Åbenthus i en af de danske besætninger, som leverer data til projektet AUTOGRASSMILK. Tema: Styring af afgræsningen om efteråret. 10. september (Open day at a Danish Monitor Farm)
Journées techniques à Trévarez les 10 et 11 septembre 2015. (Technical days in Trevarez on robotic milking and grazing. 10. and 11. September)
7th European conference on Precision Livestock Farming, Milan, Italy. 15-18 September
Farmers meeting. 30 September. Presentation from the meeting in France and in English)
October Ireland
Farm walk on the tropic of Combining automatic milking with a grass based system. 7 October 2015.  Advertisement, pictures from the Farm Walk
Optimixing grazing in dairy herds with automatic milking systems. Workshop 20 Oktober 2015. Høgskolen i NordTrøndelag, Steinkjer
the Nederlands
Symposium Robot & Weiden, 28 Oktober
November  the Netherlands
Landelijke Onderwijsdag 2015 ‘Gezonde veehouderij’. 5 November. Presentation from the event
December France
Rencontre Recherche Ruminants. Paris 2-3 December

Agribex 8-13 December 2015
the Netherlands
Final meeting of AUTOGRASSMILK in the Netherlands for farmers, advisors and other stakeholders. 10 December. InvitationWeb-site and presentation


Events 2014

January Ireland
Monitor farmers discussion group meeting
February Norway
Lely koferens Trondheim 22 February. Presentation by Eva Spöndly
Monitor farmers discussion group meeting. 19 February
Danish Cattle Federation Congress 2014, 24-25 February, Herning
March Ireland
Irish Grassland and Animal Association conference,10 – 11 March
April Ireland
Joint Irish Grassland Association Teagasc Open Day at the AMS Research Farm in Moorepark. 9 April 2014
May Sweden
Betesday Lövsta. 21 May. Farmers pasture day
Robotics Business Review – Webcast Series  Big Ag & Agribotics – read more here, 29th of may
July Belgium
Foire de Libramont, 25 July. Presentations: Concilier prairies et agrandissement des troupeaux, Réseau de fermes pilotes and Evaluer la quantité d’herbe disponible
August Sweden
Animal health and feeding conference, 27 – 28 August, Lindköping
September Wales
3rd Meeting of the EGF Working Group “Grazing”. 7 September 2014, Aberystwyth, Theme: The future of grazing.
European Grassland Federation, General Meeting, 8-11 September 2014, Aberystwyth. Theme: EGF at 50: the future of European Grasslands.
November  Sweden
Alnaps mjölkdag. Satsa när det är svårt läge? Bygga och trimma för en hållbar mjölkproduktion. 17 November 2014


Events 2013

January Ireland
IGA Dairy Conference 2013
May Belgium
Conference organisec by Fourrages-Mieux, 29 May
June Iceland
17th European Grassland Symposium, 23-26 June 2013
August France
EAAP Congress 
NJF seminar 461 21th -23th August 2013 Organic farming systems as a driver for change
September France
SPACE show 13th September 2013 (2nd largest professional show for animal productions in France) Conference on robotic milking and grazing, the main results from the French program.
Precision Livestock Farming, Leuven Belgium 10th to 12th September 2013
October France
National congress on robotic milking and grazing, Paris 10/10/13
Presentations: Derval Trevarez AUTOGRASSMILK
December France
Paris 4-5/12/13 Rencontres Recherches Ruminants which is the main congress for French speaking Ruminant Presentation of the 4 years of experiment in Derval during the 3R national Congress
Paper presented by Thomas Hunaeu et al