Combining grazing and automatic milking

AUTOGRASSMILK is a joint research project for the benefit of SME Associations, which objective is to develop and implement improved sustainable farming systems that integrate the grazing of dairy cows with automatic milking (AM) which are appropriate to the different approaches to dairy farming to be found in the different regions in Europe.

It will be achieved by:

  1. Develop optimum feeding strategies for dairy cows incorporating grazed grass and AM for  various production systems in Europe
  2. Optimize the integration of AM with cow grazing using new technologies
  3. Increase the sustainability of integrated grazing and AM technologies
  4. Develop tools that will allow dairy farmers to optimize economic efficiency when combining grazing with AM systems
  5. Continuously disseminate new technology to end-users in a form that is easily accessible and locally adapted to improve farm efficiency.


Results and deliverables” are updated with all deliverables in the project.

Video Transfert du robot de traite de la ferme expérimentale de l’Université de Liège, Liundi 20 Avril 2015

3 videos of open day presentations on automatic milking Open day held at Moorepark April, 2014
Operation of the milking robot at Moorepark , Dissemination of information on automatic milking at Moorepark ,  Open day presentation on automatic milking at Moorepark

What is an automatic milking system

In an AM system a robot undertakes the manual work traditionally associated with milking a herd of cows. The system is set up to guide individual cows to come to a milking stall (fixed inside the cow barn) on a voluntarily basis on up to 3 occasions per day. The robot detects the position of the teats, attaches the milking equipment to the teats and milks the cow. During milking, sensors check the quality of the milk and the health of the cow. This information is recorded and is available to the farmer to use in the daily management of his/her herd.